You are
Not Alone.
Welcome. We invite you to open the door to a place where you are not alone, a place to find connection and support in a way that feels comfortable to YOU. Whether you are asking questions our of helper bot, Kristi, or joining our Forum’s interactive online community of peers, there’s a place for you here. Share your stories and experiences, or read what others write. We can’t wait to meet you. We are in this together!
About us
First of all, we are all HUMAN!
We share the challenges of dealing with emotional pain, disappointment, and loneliness. How often have you told yourself “I have no one to talk to.” Or maybe “No one is listening to me.” How about “I can’t share my thoughts with my friends; they will never understand.” If you’re like most
of us, you’ve had these painful, negative thoughts- most likely many times. And guess what?

You’re NOTALONE! You are one of us, and we care! Every app user is a valuable member of our online community, and is truly not alone on their emotional journey. In
fact, we at NOTALONE are with them every step of the way, as guides, mentors, and supporters. Both peer and expert advice is available, and ultimately, each and every NOTALONE app user takes a proactive role in shaping his/her unique path to happiness and authentic sense of connection.
Who is Kristi?

In 2011, during a YPO/Harvard program at the age of 14, Kristina came up with the idea to build a global platform to help teenagers with the issues they face. She tried to give love and support to the people around her. Unfortunately, in

2017, Kristina Belyakova passed away. Even a life as short as hers was not too short to change the world. Following in her footsteps, NOTALONE named its virtual friend in her honor.


Our app has a single mission: to really, truly listen and work with you interactively to find collaborative solutions to the challenges we all face as a result of emotional pain and isolation.

The NOTALONE app provides the best possible way for our users to find the emotional help they seek…and need.Here’s what we want to be: a navigation tool to happiness. It’s a huge goal, but that’s why we’re here- to help. We also want to make absolutely sure that all NOTALONE app users get to a secure place where they feel stronger and

more engaged than they felt before using NOTALONE. Are you ready for NOTALONE? Good! We want to show you our innovative (and, we believe, life-changing) technology.You’ve probably heard the buzz. Social media is considered by many to be a threat to forming genuine personal connections, but not so fast…

NOTALONE is here to challenge that view, using technology to connect its users with a wide variety of strategies to meaningfully access an online community that will promote healthy, positive self-awareness.

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